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18 Aug 2020

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SEO Optimized websites

What is SEO?

SEO (Search engine optimization) is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic/visitors by increasing the visibility of a website online for users who are searching for products and services related to your website online in Google. SEO basically refers to the improvement of unpaid results of visitors to your website

How SEO Works?

When you search for some specific products in Google you get results based on the search terms/keywords used in the search bar. The results can be in thousands or millions but some of them top results are something the user basically takes action on. Consider you’re selling a “shoe” in your country, you may have lot of other shops that sells shoes too. If a user is searching for “shoes shop”, he will ultimately find all “shoes shop” in your location.

Google basically crawls your website to understand the type of products or services you sell in your website and indexes your website based on the information provided. For example, if your website sells “shoes”, it is obvious to agree that your website will have keywords and images related to shoes. Hence Google can understand your website as “shoe seller” and display it when the users search for “shoes”.

That's all the SE (search engine) of SEO. The O part of SEO is Optimization.

Optimizing your website to be Search Friendly:

It’s clear how Search Engine works, but out of all the results shown in Google search results, how will you make your website come to the first ?

This is where se”O” comes into picture. SEO is process of optimizing your website with right META (Most effective tactics available) details such as Title, Keywords, Description, Page alignment, Mobile Optimization, Language declaration, url mapping, sitelink, robots file and so on.

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Get your SEO Done:

At DigiCom SL, we create complete SEO Optimized website so that you get more quality leads and website traffic through your website discovery in online world.

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